Why Be a Member of your local Republican Party?

The Ballot
You cannot elect people who are not on your ballot.
  • Party leadership (elected at county, district, and state conventions) can have influence for or against candidates who are considering running in primary elections.
  • No matter how politically active you are in your community, you cannot overcome a lack of choice on the ballot.
  • Your involvement in the Party and the convention cycle affects who that leadership is and how the Party is run.
Know more about your candidates.
  • Meet and vet the candidates for yourself. Get to know more than what their campaign ads tell you.
  • Find opportunities to help candidates you trust on their campaign teams.
  • Even in areas that are considered safely Republican, we must continue to keep local vote totals high for conservative Republicans. Statewide races depend on it.
You can help the Party focus on the right issues.
  • Instead of letting national policy failures discourage you, get involved. This starts at the local level.
Mingle with your elected representatives on a regular basis.
  • Most Republican local elected officials, who are elected to serve the People, are very accessible to the local Party organization.
Your local Republican Party is the only path to:
  • Official involvement in District and State Conventions, where party platform, message, strategy, etc., are guided.
  • Serving on the State Committee, which gives direction to the State Party.
  • Being elected as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in presidential election years.